Fraser Health Mammography eForm 2017

From David Page:

Breast imaging requisition created through the Chilliwack Radiology Shared Care Project between the GPs and Radiologists and Radiology clerical staff.

The form should be usable by everyone in Fraser Health but you may need to negotiate some of the short cuts:

1) No need for date of imaging if done in BCl- the staff pull up the latest imaging reqs anyway and dates are on them. Need to specify the grid the imaging was done on.

2) Can just specifiy “followup as per radiologist” as they have the previous mammo anyway

3) Can just specify “followup as per attached” if mammogram done out of BC and attach the req

4) No need for LMP just put “Premenopausal”

It has field checking to make sure form is complete and it pulls information across to the next time you open the imaging form in that patient like family history and biopsy history.


BC Pharmacare SAR

BC Pharmacare SAR code

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